The Cost-Effectiveness work stream’s main objective is to maximize value for money through translation of cost-effectiveness evidence for use in food assistance policy and programming.  In particular, it focuses on 1) developing the FAQR Decision Support Tool, an interactive application for more cost-effective programming of specialized nutritious foods; 2) conducting cost-effectiveness research and interpreting cost-effectiveness analysis results in conjunction with the FAQR Field Research work stream 

Cost Tool

The FAQR Decision Support Tool aims to:

1) FAQR Decision Support Tool for More Cost-Effective Programming of Specialized Nutritious Foods: 

The interactive Decision Support Tool application aims to achieve greater impact for money in programming a growing variety of specialized nutritious food products (e.g. Ready-to-Use Foods and Fortified Blended Foods) for nutrition-specific interventions among populations vulnerable to undernutrition in humanitarian and development contexts. 

The Decision Support Tool’s conceptual framework was developed to guide users through a range of program, cost, and impact parameters that are crucial to cost-effectiveness. Users can view how their choice for each input parameter would affect the calculated results for a list of cost and cost-effectiveness indicators. To guide user input, available data and references are supplied via interactive text and visualization. Examples of data sources include USAID historical cost databases, literature on coverage and health outcomes, and other relevant guidance. Additional features allow sensitivity analyses to compare across multiple scenarios.

2) Cost-Effectiveness Research in Conjunction with the FAQR Field Research Work Stream: 

Please check out the FAQR Field Research for more details.

One-Page Briefs

  • Cost-Effectiveness of Four Specialized Foods for Treatment of MAM: Field Research in Sierra Leone Summary
  • Cost-Effectiveness of Four Specialized Foods for Prevention of Stunting and Wasting: Field Research in Burkina Faso Summary
  • FAQR Decision Support Tool Brief

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